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Applied Behavior Analysis Autism


ABA Spectrum Therapy, LLC is committed to providing individuals with autism spectrum disorder and/or developmental delays quality behavioral services based on the principles of applied behavior analysis

ABA Spectrum Therapy, LLC specializes in behavioral consulting and therapy services for children with Autism and Developmental delays. Our goal is to provide a highly effective treatment for both children and families with autism by following a method scientifically proven to bring clear results.  Our experienced staff includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Board Certified Associated Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) who work directly with your child and family utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  ABA Therapy is a scientific discipline with over 30 years of research proving its effectiveness for individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities.applied behavior analysis autism

Our program is drawn from Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior which has been researched by a variety of professionals such as Dr. Vincent J. Carbone, Dr. Mark L. Sundberg, and Dr. James W. Partington.autism services cedar park

Our services are individualized for each child and implemented by teaching procedures proven to be most effective.  These include errorless learning, mixing and varying targets, teaching to fluency and interspersing easy and difficult tasks.  The primary focus of our services is to increase language, communication and compliance, while reducing disruptive behavior.  Our programs also address skill deficits in the areas of visual performance, receptive language, gross motor and vocal imitation, requesting, labeling and answering questions.aba training

Our teaching strategies focus on breaking down a particular skill into small, teachable parts and then providing reinforcement contingencies for successful responses.applied behavior analysis training

Our fast-paced teaching enables the child to remain focused while maintaining a high level of reinforcement.  Our therapists are creative, patient and positive and thoroughly enjoy working with children.